Crystal Bridges Museum


“Then there was the most horrible thing.  A sculpture of a giant spider! I mean HUGE! It sits outside in a courtyard, and when I walked under it I shuddered. Looking up, there is a cluster of spider eggs on the underside its belly. I will have nightmares for weeks.” (Wren)

4 thoughts on “Spiders”

  1. Wow! That is a HUGE spider especially compared to the human walking beneath it!
    Well, my guess would be its purpose is to help some people overcome the fear of spiders. If they can override their arachnophobia here with this monstrosity, then in countering a tiny, pinky toenail size real one would seem harmless. Haha! Just my guess!
    ‘Tis spider season the reason for it all? Happy Fall!


    1. The artist said it was a tribute to her mother who was a weaver. Shudder. “Pinky toenail size,” heehee. I think we have more spiders here than Arkansas! Wren sure doesn’t like them.


    1. At least it is not inside–no paper cups big enough to carry it out! Louise Bourgeois’s MAMAN is one of the most famous of her works. “The spider, she claimed, was not an ominous or frightening figure, but rather a representation of the protection and industry of her own beloved mother, who repaired tapestry for a living and died when the artist was 21.”


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