Songbirds, Wren

What Is A Wren, Anyhow?

This shy bird can be hard to see, but it delivers an amazing song for its size. Follow its “teakettle-teakettle” and other exclamations through backyard or forest, and you may see glimpses of this bird’s cinnamon color, white eyebrow stripe, and long, up-turned tail.

Our Wren was named by her parents because she was so tiny at birth, had cinnamon colored hair, and had a strong cry. When we first meet Wren, she has discovered that although she is quite ordinary,  she really is a songbird!

Watch the video below to hear the many songs of a Wren.


Razorbacks (Animal)


Razorbacks can refer to pigs that have escaped into the wild (feral) or those from families of wild boars brought to America from other countries. The often roam in herds and can do a great deal of damage to property.

Because of their strength, the Razorback became the mascot for the University of Arkansas football.

Walking Sticks

Walking Sticks

Walking stick, Arkansas cane, walking staff, trekking poles, pilgrim’s staffs, hiking stick—the term you use doesn’t matter. What this stick will do is make it easier to walk, hike, climb hills, cross streams. The stick will take strain off your knees and back, clear spider webs, or part thick bushes or grass covering the trail.

Made from branches or saplings such as sassafras, hickory, sweet gum, many  walking sticks are carved or decorated with small trinkets or charms.